Gadeokdo International Airport Terminal I Vo Huu Linh Architects
Loacation: Gadeokdo area, Gangseo-gu, Busan, South Korea
Status: Competitions
Type: New-built
Work scope and Site : Passenger Terminal
We are excited to present our design for the Gadeokdo International Airport Terminal, the arterial route connecting Gadeokdo Island with the South Korean city of Busan. The airport reflects the beauty of the area. The spacious silver-white roof reflects the islands in the area, creating a harmonious connection with the landscape. blending futuristic aesthetics with the island's cultural and human characteristics. The structure's smooth, flowing lines and expansive layout evoke a sense of movement and openness, reflecting the island's maritime heritage and its connection to nature. The airport's design prioritizes functionality and accessibility, with spacious terminals and advanced infrastructure, meeting the needs of travelers while preserving the island's peaceful atmosphere. The integration of green space and modern materials symbolizes the bridge between tradition and innovation, embodying the progressive spirit of Gadeokdo Island. This architectural approach not only aims to enhance the island's connectivity but also respects and promotes the island's cultural identity and natural beauty.
Inside, warmth reigns supreme. Wood tones and a unique shuttle-shaped skylight not only evoke a welcoming feeling but also promote energy efficiency. The seamless transition between outdoors and interior creates a light-filled and inviting space. Designed with efficiency and passenger comfort at the forefront, the airport's intuitive layout ensures easy movement across its one-and-a-half floors.
Beyond architecture: A sustainable vision
We envision our designs as more than simply architectural landmarks or destinations. They are proof of a sustainable future, existing in perfect harmony with nature. The philosophy "Create space, create life" is the foundation for every project we undertake.
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