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No. 194, Street 29/3, Hoa Xuan Ward - Cam Le District - Da Nang City. Tel: 0511.6273368 Fax: 0236.6273368.
Foreign magazines reported on the design of  Vo Huu Linh Architects
Domestic magazines reported on the design of Vo Huu Linh Architects​​​​​​​
After graduating from the University of Technical Education, Ho Chi Minh City with a major in Electrical Engineering, in 2004  Vo Huu Linh Architect continued to graduate from the University of Architecture in Ho Chi Minh City with a Architectural Design, in 2009 with the project " Housing for Workers of Binh Duong Industrial Park". In the same year 2009,  Linh architect  was awarded the excellent graduation project award, an award for students with excellent project achievements from the University of Architecture of Ho Chi Minh City. HCM and in 2013, he graduated with a Master's degree at the University of Civil Engineering with a master's thesis "Architecture of Apartment Housing for Workers in Binh Duong Industrial Park, Binh Duong in the direction of assembly"
In 2006, while still a student, he and his colleagues won the architectural award from the World Association of Architects (UIA) for the project "Wind Streets for Housing in Stormy Areas"
In 2008, he won the architectural award, Saigon 2050 concept project "Paradise on the roof" from the European UEPP Planning community and the Department of Planning of Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture. HCM coordinates the organization.
In 2009, he worked at Do Thi construction design consulting company, one of the developing architectural companies in Ho Chi Minh City, with the role of designing for apartment buildings, schools and service projects. public service. His contributions have brought success to Urban companies such as - Binh Hung Hoa B Kindergarten, Thanh Da luxury apartment complex, Pham The Hien apartment complex, An Phu apartment complex, Kim Tam Hai, District 7 Police Headquarters, City. HCM
In 2010, he won the Architecture Award, awakening urban space from the Ho Chi Minh City Architects Association for the project "Revitalizing the Spiritual Land"
From 2011 to present, he is a lecturer at Da Nang University of Architecture and Founder of Vo Huu Linh Architecture Company. He hopes to bring modern works with a professional working 
Vo Huu Linh Architects strengths is his understanding of  microclimate ,Energy-saving architecture, Artificial Intelligence Technology. Vo Huu Linh Architects works will be a harmonious combination between nature and humans.
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