Lishui Airport, a Gateway to Nature's Embrace I Vo Huu Linh Architects

Loacation: Lishui, Zhejiang, China
We are thrilled to introduce our design for Lishui Airport, a vital link for the Zhejiang province's "forest city." Taking flight from Lishui's rolling hills, the airport echoes the region's mountainous beauty. Its expansive silver-white roof reflects the flow of the area's streams, creating a harmonious connection with the landscape.
Inside, warmth reigns supreme. Wood tones and a unique, shuttle-shaped skylight not only evoke a sense of welcome but also promote energy efficiency. The seamless transition between the outdoors and the interior creates a light-filled, inviting space. Designed with both efficiency and passenger comfort at the forefront, the airport's intuitive layout ensures effortless navigation across its one-and-a-half floors.
Beyond Architecture: A Sustainable Vision
We envision our designs as more than just structures or destinations. They are testaments to a sustainable future, existing in perfect harmony with nature. This philosophy, "Creating Space, Creating Life," is the cornerstone of every project we undertake.
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