Sa Pa International Airport Terminal I Vo Huu Linh Architects
Loacation: Sa Pa, Lao Cai, Viet Nam
Status: Concept Design
Type: New-built
Work scope and Site : Passenger Terminal
The architecture of the main building is designed in a terraced shape, with the floors stacked softly and gracefully, reminiscent of the terraced fields on the hillsides of Sa Pa. This design is not only unique but also optimizes the use of space and natural light.
The airport dome is designed with large glass panels, simulating terraced rice fields, allowing natural light to flood the interior, creating a spacious and nature-friendly atmosphere.
The interior of the waiting area features a modern design, incorporating local cultural elements such as wood with the undulating lines of "terraced fields," providing comfort and convenience. The commercial stalls are arranged in a traditional market style, with handcrafted products and Sa Pa specialties, offering visitors a unique and enjoyable shopping experience.
The airport is surrounded by green spaces and flower gardens, simulating terraced rice fields, creating a beautiful landscape and minimizing negative environmental impacts. The runway and auxiliary areas harmonize with the overall architecture, ensuring seamless connectivity between parts of the airport.
This design not only highlights the natural beauty but also preserves and promotes Sa Pa's distinctive culture, becoming a new symbol of the Northwest region, harmoniously blending modernity and tradition, offering visitors unique and unforgettable experiences.
We envision our designs as more than simply architectural landmarks or destinations. They are proof of a sustainable future, existing in perfect harmony with nature. The philosophy "Create space, create life" is the foundation for every project we undertake.
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