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Prefabricated Construction Solution for a Hotel on a Steep Mountain Cliff
Construction projects in hilly terrain, especially on steep mountain cliffs, always face many challenges. The traditional construction method requires transporting materials, labor, and construction equipment to the site, which can have a negative impact on the environment and increase costs.
Vo Huu Linh Architect introduces a prefabricated construction solution for hotels using large-scale components. This solution includes five main components (A, B, C, D, E) designed with dimensions similar to those of a shipping container for easy transportation and assembly. The components are prefabricated at the factory and transported to the construction site, where they are assembled. This helps shorten construction time compared to the traditional method.
This solution is suitable for hilly terrain and steep mountain cliffs, where transporting materials and construction equipment is difficult.
Prefabricated construction helps minimize environmental impact compared to traditional methods.This solution can help save construction costs compared to the traditional method.
Prefabricated construction using large-scale components is an effective solution for projects in hilly terrain and steep mountain cliffs. This solution helps shorten construction time, minimize environmental impact, and save costs.
The dimensions of the components can be adjusted according to design requirements and transportation capabilities.
This solution needs to be combined with other technical solutions to ensure the safety and stability of the project.
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