The mushroom park by Vo Huu Linh Architects

Anh Sao Bridge is a familiar place to Saigon residents, but over time, this place has become deserted, reducing the bustle of the area. With the design idea of combining nature and urban areas, the new Starlight Bridge Park represents a harmonious combination between the fresh, relaxing beauty of nature and the dynamism and modernity of Ho Chi Minh city. People, nature and technology seem to blend together, creating a green, clean and beautiful living space.
The new Starlight Bridge Park will be a place where you can admire magical structures soaring like mushrooms in fairy tales, giving you the feeling of being lost in a fairyland. These mushroom structures are not only beautiful but also have many useful functions, such as:
Creates shade and helps regulate the air
Emits gentle sounds, helping to relax the mind
Create a closed renewable energy source, contributing to environmental protection
You can also sit on these mushroom structures to enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding urban area, with its modern and vibrant buildings.
The new Starlight Bridge Park is an ideal place to relax, have fun and discover exciting things in the future. This is also an attractive destination, contributing to promoting tourism and attracting tourists to Ho Chi Minh city.
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